What is PDF Extension? How to Open PDF File ?

PDF Extension is the thing that helps you to identify particular file operating system and from which it got in exist. One can easily get complete identification of the file and it help user to know about the file generated origin. For example, if the file has .doc extension it means the file is created through the Microsoft Word. And it can be only opened through MS Word only. There are so many types of file extensions exist. They all have their own behaviour and activity to work with platform. PDF File extension often followed by three or four characters. File extension provides the complete details about the certain file which helps us to open that file with suitable software as well. This means one cannot open the file of different File extension with another software system. It is almost impossible to do so. This is why every publishing software like MS Word, Notepad and other media files software has their own file extension. This enables them to do such activities with same atmosphere which they got in the initial stage.

PDF Extension

There are various kind of file extension exist and they all have their different behavior of working. And if we talk about the valid file extension, it is a great thing to discuss. Valid file extension means a two to three character long file extension followed by the file name. While saving a file, you can observe a file in which you can come to know the various aspects of the file you created. The same will be saved with certain File extension according to the software or platform through which it got generated. File Extension PDF is one of the active file extension which is used by the well-known software application called Adobe PDF. This kind of file extension works with adobe pdf application or can be application with few flash player to display information. These kind of files contains information in it. This is also known as the one of the safest medium to display information in a file. User can prepare a pdf file through various generating application like adobe pdf application tool etc. This is really a great file extension which can be used to share data information. Data transmission can be done in the shape of pdf file and the reason is its safe nature.

Information send in the pdf file is easier to maintain because it do not allow others to copy the content. To make it sure, pdf file extension also provides encryption and security fundamentals as well. This means one cannot open the information if the security aspects has been set since the organization of that file. It can be easily done with few kind of the security tools. Another dazzling feature of the pdf file extension is that it has the ability to encrypt data and information. This helps you to send the file with pure safety manual without any hacking hesitation. PDF file extension is the like the king of the file which can be sent with number of security features.

Can a file extension be more than two character?

There are millions of the user out there who has the query about file extension. Yes it can be. Most of the time program compilers are designed with the instruction to open the file with two or three character long file extension. If the number of character will be more than 4 character, program complier may take more time to proceed with it. This is the reason most of program files get file extension with upto 4 characters only. This makes it easier to get open with the program and it will take hardly few while to launch the file.

Is there any limit of character number used for file extension?

Actually there is no limit of character to choose for the file extension but it also demands the proper dedicated slot. This needs proper slots for the implementation so that it could become easier to launch file easily. Most of the time, operating decides how much character number can be used for particular file. You can find the criteria of the different operating system which decides how much length of file extension could be possible.

Windows File Extension Character Limit Chart –

Windows 10 – 260 character limit
Windows 8 – 260 character limit
Windows 7 – 260 character limit
Windows Vista – 260 character limit
Windows XP – 255 character limit
Windows 2000 – 254 character limit

There are so many types of file extension exist and all of these have their own kind of work capability. All of these file extension are divided on the basis of genre which they carry. Suppose if you want to view a picture with amazing quality of file extension, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp are there to assist. Some of file extension are universal and others are dependent on particular dedicated programs. Universal file extension are those which can be used by any suitable program atmosphere no matter from which company it get launched by. PDF file extension has included number of benefits which can assist you with amazing features like viewing information, secure it with password protection and much more. You can also share the pdf file with anyone through the wire. It is so simple to do so. It’s all about the fascinating and smoother view of information which can either be copied or not.


Nitro PDF Software

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January 13, 2016


PDF file may contain text, images and graphical views as well. This kind of file extension keep the font and style of the data included in it electronically. This keeps the same preview when user print the file. It hardly include any minor change in the pattern, but most of time it previews the same view as it in computer. So if you are looking for the perfect file extension platform to display images, text in the perfect electronically designed pattern, PDF file extension is here for you.


PDF file extension is highly recommendable and easy to use. Implies the smoother access and better optional features in it. Above all these facts, make a note that PDF file can work on all operating system like Mac, Windows etc. This is so portable and approachable with bunch of new facilities.

Note: In case you have any kind of issue related to pdf file extension, do let us know in the comment section.


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